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Staging Your Home for Buyers


(From Peoples Mortgage, by Del Van Essen)

Even great homes can be diminished by improper staging, and real estate professionals have developed best practices over the years for appealing to prospective buyers.  Here are a few tips to consider:

Reduce furniture to create expanse:  If your furniture is too big for your space, or if you pack too many furniture pieces into your rooms, your home will feel cramped and uninviting.  Remove pieces and relocate where necessary; sitting small clusters of furniture away from walls creates cozy conversation areas and makes the room feel larger.  But make sure your rooms aren't too empty.

Neutralize the walls:  You knew you were going to have to paint anyway; beyond simply refreshing your rooms and covering scuffs and wear, remember to choose colors to sell, not to live with.  You're more likely to get offers for your home if you put neutral colors on the walls, particularly in large rooms.  Neutrals these days are sophisticated and span a wide range of the color spectrum.  Avoid the boldly colored walls you may have chosen for yourself.

Plant life invites offers:  Plants and fresh flowers create an inviting, lively atmosphere, inviting prospective buyers to imagine their new lives, surrounded by burst of color and leafy greem.

Yes, you have to clean the closets:  This isn't just a conscious decluttering; you actually need to make sure closets are only half full.  This creates a psychological impression of expanse, and shows the buyers that everything will fit just fine.  Storage space tops the want lists of most home buyers, so roomy-looking closets are key.

Three light sources per room:  Try to illuminate your rooms with a combination of bright, high-wattage overhead lights; lamps and reading lights that create pools of illumination; and where possible, sunlight from exposed windows.  Dim lighting will diminish the appeal of your rooms.